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学术报告——Promoting Active Participation of the Learners in an Authoring based Learning movie system

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报告题目:Promoting Active Participation of the Learners in an Authoring based Learning movie system

报告人:Abdulmotaleb El Saddik(教授,加拿大工程院院士、加拿大工程研究院院士、IEEE FELLOW、渥太华大学电子工程与计算科学学院,加拿大)





Netflix, Hulu, etc are some of the most popular video content streaming services that are increasingly being accessed through many popular consumer devices such as Apple TV, XBox, Wii, etc. It has now become possible to conveniently interact with the video contents by using the input hardwares that these devices provide. We emulate the setups that many of these popular platforms provide in order to develop learning based video interaction games. The games leverage the user interaction feature with the video contents. In the award winning learning television series such as Mickey Mouse ClubHouse, WordWorld, Super Why etc., the protagonists present learning based questions by using various scenarios and viewers learn the answers passively as they wait. In order to foster active participation of the viewers, we author the movie with learning questions at particular timelines of the video and provide interaction options. In those specified timelines, the learners interact with the presented questions by using Wii's pointMe or XBox Kinect's gesture based interactions and input answers. The interactions assist the learners to engage with the video contents and make it possible to actively participate in the learning process. In order to examine the suitability of the proposed approach, we perform usability experiments in a technology-augmented learning space and report our findings.



Abdulmotaleb El Saddik是加拿大渥太华大学电子工程与计算科学学院的杰出教授和研究带头人,也四川大学和长春理工大学的名誉教授。作为国际著名学者,由于在交互式触感、音频、视觉系统的杰出贡献,El Saddik教授于2009年当选为美国电子和电气工程师协会院士(Fellow of IEEE)。随后在2010年,他当选为加拿大工程院院士和加拿大工程研究院院士。

作为多媒体计算研究室(MCRLab)和分布与协作虚拟环境研究室(DISCOVER)主任,El Saddik教授担任多个被SCI检索系统收录的ACMIEEE国际期刊的副编辑、客座编辑;担任超过40个国际会议和研讨会的主席或程序委员会主席;作为第一作者或合作作者已经发表3本专业著作和500多篇学术论文,获得的项目基金和资助总数超过1800万加元;指导超过120名研究人员。





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