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学术报告——Trajectory-driven Influential Billboard Placement

日期:2018-07-09 来源: 作者: 浏览:

报告题目:Trajectory-driven Influential Billboard Placement

报告人:鲍芝峰 (副教授,澳大利亚皇家墨尔本理工大学计算机学院





In this talk I will present our recent work accepted by KDD 2018. In this paper we propose and study the problem of trajectory-driven influential billboard placement: given a set of billboards U (each with a location and a cost), a database of trajectories T and a budget L, find a set of billboards within the budget to influence the largest number of trajectories. One core challenge is to identify and reduce the overlap of the influence from different billboards to the same trajectories, while keeping the budget constraint into consideration. We show that this problem is NP-hard and present an enumeration based algorithm with (1 - 1/e) approximation ratio. However, the enumeration should be very costly when |U | is large. By exploiting the locality property of billboards’ influence, we propose a partition- based framework PartSel. PartSel partitions U into a set of small clusters, computes the locally influential billboards for each cluster, and merges them to generate the global solution. Since the local solutions can be obtained much more efficient than the global one, PartSel should reduce the computation cost greatly; meanwhile it achieves a non-trivial approximation ratio guarantee. Then we propose a LazyProbe method to further prune billboards with low marginal influence, while achieving the same approximation ratio as PartSel. Experiments on real datasets verify the efficiency and effectiveness of our methods.


鲍芝峰博士现任澳大利亚皇家墨尔本理工大学计算机学院副教授,墨尔本大学兼职教授。鲍博士同时是皇家墨尔本理工大数据与数据分析实验室主任,数据科学硕士专业负责人。他于 2011 年取得新加坡国立大学计算机科学专业的博士学位,是当年新加坡国立大学计算机学院最佳博士论文奖唯一获得者,也是新加坡信息发展局科技金奖获得者。2015 年,鲍博士获得谷歌 Faculty Research Award。他的研究方向包括数据可视化、智能交通方向的空间数据分析、机器学习以及图数据管理。他曾担任 DASFAA2017,ER2018,APWEB2016,WSDM2019Cup 等国际学术会议的程序委员会共同主席,以及 VLDB2017-18,SIGMOD2018,SIGIR2015-18,ICDE2016-19,IJCAI2016 等国际顶级学术会议的程序委员会委员。鲍博士曾获得四项来自 DASFAA2017,ADC2016 等会议的最佳论文奖,以及五项来自 ICDE2009,CIDM2014 等会议的最佳论文奖提名。自2015年来,他以项目主持人身份获得了来自澳洲自然科学基金、澳科院以及谷歌超过1百万澳元的科研项目资助。







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